Hot, Hot, Hot! Our Tips For Keeping Cool

By the time you read this, the summer heatwave here in the UK (and especially in London where we are feeling it a little more), will be over!  But just in case, summer does return, a few top tips for staying cool.hapholdelet

Wear the right clothes
Natural fibres are critical as you skin can breath.  Ditch the synthetics.  Wear loose clothing.  If you work in an environment where smart business attire is the norm, your employer will be feeling the heat too, so ask for dress down.  We laughed yesterday as one guy in the city was told not to wear shorts, so came back in a dress!!

No plastic on your feet – just melts your tootsies, so keep those feet cool with sandals or cotton socks and leather.

Cool down points
Dip you hands up to your writs into cold water for an immediate cool down.  Same with feet.  An icepack wrapped in a tea towel around your neck is another great way of Vacation idea. Woman feet closeup. Beautiful pedicure.keeping cool.

We know these are not possible when in a work environment, but end of day, it is a good way to cool down.

We would all love to have air conditioning, but likely 99.99% of us do not. Have your fan on but here’s the trick – dampen down an top sheet with cold water (not so it’s dripping wet) and just before getting into bed, put the damp sheet over you (it will feel chilly at first), but you will be able to sleep especially if you have a fan. Your body heat will dry the sheet by morning but with these very hot night temperatures, you might have to dampen the sheet again during the night.  Tried and tested in the heat of the African bush!

Our furry friends
Please don’t forget your pets – from cold water (pop ice cubes into the bowls) to fans.  Our two long-haired furry mascots have a fan and are lying on on cold bathroom tiles.

Keep drinking water
We know you hear it all the time – keep hydrated – but in this heat, it truly is important.  Drink twice as much as you think you need.Couple staying hydrated

Keep eye on the elderly
If your neighbours are elderly, or living along, be a good neighbour and knock on the door and check they are OK. Remember, it could be your granny or great aunt.

Do not go outside in the midday sun
mother applying sunblock cream on daughter shoulderWe know that the sun is at its strongest midday, but mid-summer means high levels of UV all day, so stay out of the sunlight from 11am through to at least 4pm and wear high protection sun screen.  Don’t be fooled.  We know that it’s fab to get a few rays, but not at the expense of painful sunburn and sun damage.  It’s not worth it!

Stay cool.

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx


Whatever You Think of Politics – Don’t Throw Away Your Right To Vote

In troubled times, personal, political, economic, social …….. for those eligible to vote in the UK’s general election today, remember that the right to vote is the one of the great privileges of freedom.

And it is that right combined with our way of life and the freedoms we enjoy, that those who wish to derail democracy in any form, would rather you didn’t enjoy.  Millions of lives have been lost in wars around the world including the First and Second World Wars and we owe those who gave their lives in the past and to those who will do so in the future, to cast our vote.

There are still too many people currently in the world who do not have the right to vote, so whatever you think of our politicians today (quite frankly their behavior is often more in line with play ground spats we would not allow our children to be involved in), put aside their snipping, misinformation, maneuvering and one-upmanship, and cast your vote. Do it for yourself and for those who can’t.

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx



Keep Hydrated & Wear High Factor Sun Screen

When the summer eventually comes to us here in the UK, especially over a long bank holiday weekend, it is so easy to forget to wear sun screen as we are simply so delighted to get out in the sun and be with friends and family.

Sun safety

So whatever you are doing this bank holiday weekend, please do remember to keep hydrated – water (not just the Pimms!) although the odd ice cream or two will be just as good, but to make sure you cover up all those bits of skin with sun screen that rarely see the light of day.

How many times have you seen someone who forget to put sun cream on their toes, back of the neck or hands – ouch!  There is a great range of quality sun protection lotions and potions on the market and you do not need to break the bank to stay safe in the sun. From creams and gels, to sprays and lotions……. use them and don’t get out in the sun and then


put it on.  Half an hour beforehand is usually best.

Protect your eyes too and wear those UV sun glasses and don’t forget the kids and your pets too!

Wherever you are and whatever you are upto this long weekend, enjoy yourselves and as the Australians say “slip, slap, slop”  Happy weekend everyone.

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx


Big Wedding Month – Is Your Hair & Makeup Artist Insured? Was That On Your Wedding Check List?

This coming weekend sees the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton, marry her fiance James Mathews in a classic English country wedding – flower girls, glass marque and all!  We hope they have a lovely day and enjoy a happy life together.

Pippa has huge resources, both financial and contacts in terms of her “little black book” to basically choose whatever her heart’s desire for the big day.  But whatever your style

word wedding checklist note paper on pink flower background

Don’t assume your makeup artist has the right insurance, check!

of wedding, and however big or small your budget, if you are having your hair and makeup done professionally on the big day, there are some basics that every bride should have on that very long wedding check list.


When choosing a makeup artist (and this goes for hair

Beauty bride in bridal gown with bouquet and lace veil

Good bridal makeup and hair professionals get booked up months in advance, so plan ahead

too) – whether celebrity of young emerging talent, there are a few fundamental rules to note:

  1. training with recognizable qualifications
  2. recommendation and reputation
  3. meet, plan and book a trial session
  4. “Clean is Beautiful”
  5. budget
  6. Insurance – have they got it (and we are not just talking about their kit)!!

It’s so easy to use a search engine and type in “wedding makeup artist” …. it’s exciting and we know it’s a big day in so many ways and makeup and hair is just one more thing to organise. But getting the right makeup and beauty professional for your special day can be “interesting” if you are not sure what to look out for.  There are lots of different ways to find your pro artist,

Make-up artist applying makeup

A trial makeup session is a must

but word of mouth and recommendation is usually the first and often best starting point.

Knowing your date and location are also key as many good pro bridal artists will have been booked months and months in advance, so once the wedding date, time and location is settled, get searching for your wedding beauty fairy godmother.

When talking to friends and doing your research, make sure you talk to those artists who can demonstrate they are trained professionally by asking to see certificates.  You can also check with the schools and colleges too from where they graduated.


Check portfolios and get references

Portfolios that demonstrates their work are great, but endorsements from past clients are better. And remember it is so easy to make a fake portfolio and references, so do some checks. Never assume.

At time of booking a trial, ask the MUA (makeup artist) to send you a copy of the professional and public liability certificates.  If they can’t then it usually means they do not have the right insurances in place.  STOP there and then.  Any artist practising without adequate cover is a no-no.

Some MUA’s have kit insurance only and not public liability insurance – so be warned.   What happens if someone trips over the airbrush on the big day and crashes in the the priceless Ming vase or worse, your maid of honour ends up in hospital with a broken ankle falling over the hair tongs cable!  Anything can happen and it probably will!

High definition photography and filming is the norm these days, so ensure when you talk to your MUA about makeup techniques that will help ensure your makeup lasts and looks great in the millions of pixels.

Making time for a quick friendship selfie

It’s all about you – so ensure you book a qualified, professional makeup artist for your wedding

MUA’s who do hair for weddings usually charge a lot more than makeup artists who just do makeup.  So you need to determine what you need.  How big is your bridal party? Who out of the bridal party is having their makeup done by the pro?  Just you, the bride? What about the mother of the bride!  Work out a budget for yourself first as you are the star of the show, and if you are able and willing to make the party’s day extra special by providing makeup and hair for all, then plan accordingly.  One MUA cannot do everyone in a large bridal group with hair!

Trial makeup sessions should be fun, but first things first. Clean is most definitely the

Pro kit

Dirty kit = dirty makeup and risk of infection

beautiful bride.  Dirty kit = dirty makeup artist.  If your beauty pro turns up with a manky looking kit, cancel there and then.  Any makeup pro whose kit looks as if it has seen better days spells trouble.  A kit should be sparkling clean, neat and tidy starting from how they look.  Clean hands, clean tools, clean products, clean brushes.  If your makeup pro starts working on your without first sanitizing their hands before they start, then you know for sure they are not taking personal hygiene seriously.

Open hand raised, Stop Bacteria sign painted, multi purpose conc

Clean hands = clean makeup artist

Clean brushes and the use of disposables is another tell-tell sign.  Infection from cross-contamination through “double-dipping” can cause nasty bacterial infections – from conjunctivitis to the cold sore Herpes virus. Of course, your MUA should have The Pro Hygiene Collection® in their kit!

Remember it’s your day and no pro MUA should be

Use disposable mascara wands

No disposables, no booking

allowed to suddenly make you look like you have just come off the catwalk when you walk down the aisle!  You do want your future husband to see you in all your beauty, not as some slightly vampish version of your normal gorgeous self!  And, remember, the photos, professional and by friends and family, will be around forever!

Thinking of old times

Photos will last, so make sure you look like you!

A mood board of your dress, colours, theme, accessories is obviously the place to start, but then let your MUA help you get the right look for your day. Remember it’s all about you, and a good pro MUA should know all the tricks of the trade to make you look amazing and bring out all your wonderful natural beauty and help conceal the bits your are not so happy with.  A trial is just that, a trial.  So use it wisely – after all, you are the customer. We know from experience that if you are a bit “fussy” you need to book enough time to meet, discuss and cover a couple of looks.  Anything under two hours is definitely not enough.  Talk to your pro MUA before booking in detail over the phone.  Use your check list.

There is so much to talk about with wedding makeup, we could go on forever and,of course, you may wish to do you own makeup.

bride with lipstick

Even if you are doing your own makeup, plan ahead!

But we are concerned today with the matter of hygiene and insurance.   Don’t assume your chosen pro has the right and adequate insurance. There are many a horror story we could tell you about mobile beauty professionals not having insurance…… so don’t be fooled and never ever assume. As we said earlier, ask to see before booking the insurance certificate.

We know that a wedding, whether big news as with Pippa Middleton, or a small blessing with just a handful of guests, is stressful enough, but do add to your check list to hire professional hair and makeup with the right qualifications and experience and with the right insurance too.

Wishing you luck, good wishes and good fortune – happy wedding day.

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx





Eight out of ten people are failing to adequately apply sunscreen before going out in the sun, according to a survey carried out by the British Association of Dermatologists to mark Sun Awareness Week (8th-14th May).

The poll found that 80 per cent of us don’t apply sunscreen before going out in the sun and then shortly afterwards. This is the approach recommended for three key reasons of which the public should be aware: to make sure that the product is fully absorbed before skin is exposed to sun, to help reduce the chances of areas of skin being missed, and to ensure a thick enough layer is applied. The survey also found that 70 per cent of people fail to reapply sunscreen every two hours as recommended

So we thought we would remind you that as it’s nearly mid-May, and the sun is becoming stronger, time to think about sun care for the upcoming summer months if you haven’t done so already!

Sun damage - effects on skin (photo:

Premature signs of ageing are often caused by sun damage but when the correct precautions are taken, these can easily be avoided. Even sitting in our cars, we are at risk of skin damage from the sun’s UVA rays. Studies show that the damage can be so dramatic that, over time, the side of the face exposed to the rays can end up looking up to seven years older than the other! (1)

However – with 100,000 new cases of skin cancer diagnosed each year, 10% of which constitute its deadliest form, melanoma – fine lines and wrinkles should be the least of our worries.

After spending the winter months layered in clothes, naturally our skin is going to be is at its most vulnerable during the spring. So here are a few tips, tricks and some of our hero products to prepare you for protection throughout spring and summer.

Kiehls' Ultra Light Daily Defense SPF 50

Even if it doesn’t feel hot enough to be slathering on the suncream in the mornings, ALWAYS choose a moisturiser or foundation with an SPF of at least 15. That way you will have advanced protection whether you are in or out of the sun. And for those of you with paler skin, or if the sun is extra hot then opt for a moisturiser specifically designed for UV protection. We love Khiels’ Ultra Light Daily Defense SPF 50, which utilizes a high level of sun filters Mexoryl SX and Mexoryl Xl to provide the skin with effective UVA and UVB broad-spectrum sunscreen protection (also a great option if you have sensitive skin!).

With all the excitement of the warm weather, we forget how easy it is to damage our skin. Especially with the first warmth of sunshine on our skin, it’s difficult not to get carried away. So even if it’s just a couple of hours in the park, you really mustn’t forget to protect all body parts on show.


If you could see under UV, you could see where the protection is missing. Nivea shows shocking images taken by a UV camera lens, and you can see how much difference sun-cream really makes, and how badly our skin is left exposed without it. And not all sun-creams are the same so head to Boots for Nivea’s range.


And remember, skin damage isn’t the only kind of damage caused by the sun. Extensive exposure to sunlight increases the risk of a type of cataract and is also linked to pterygia (growths on the surface of the eye) (2).

Warehouse Aviator Sunglasses (

So make sure to invest in a pair of decent sunglasses that has either the CE Mark and British Standard (BS EN ISO 12312-1:2013), a UV 400 label, or a statement that the sunglasses offer 100% UV protection (2).

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx



Clean Is Beautiful – over 50 new items added to our web site – FREE gift with every purchase in May

BREAKING NEWS – TPHC HQ has just added over 50 new lines to our new web shop from pro brushes to basic beauty essentials such as blender and economy-style makeup sponges, cushioned eyelash curlers, sample jars and much, much more.

So it’s time to click and visit our new website and for every new customer in May,  we are giving away one FREE professional blusher brush worth £10.00.  Take a look here at the FREE pro makeup brush.  (One per order chaps and chapesses though!)

TPHC web site

So it’s great news for industry insiders, students, educators as well as guys and girls who just love getting their hands on fabulous professional, quality, affordable professional makeup tools and accessories.

The Pro Hygiene Collection® is the heart of our business and comprises our best selling Makeup Brush Cleaner, Makeup Brush & Sponge Sanitizing Wash, Hand


The Pro Hygiene Collection

Sanitizing Gel, the magic Antibacterial Makeup Spray and our amazing, All In One Makeup Remover.

TPHC Tools collection ful2

TPHC makeup disposables

Our new tools and accessories range includes new and exclusive single-use and disposable mascara wands, brushes and applicators for eyes, lips and the face that target the concerns of professional makeup artists, their clients and consumers regarding bacteria, infection and cross-contamination, but because of our products’ quality, you can still achieve the latest looks in fashion and beauty.

TPHC mascara wands 4 full

13 difference disposable mascara wands by The Pro Hygiene Collection

Disposable Mascara Wands
13 different disposable mascara wands and loads of disposable makeup applicators.

So if you are looking for an extensive choice of disposable mascara wands – then look no further. Our collection of disposable mascara wands gives you or your clients 13 fantastic, gorgeous lash looks without risking infection such as conjunctivitis from “double-dipping” which leads to contamination of the mascara product. Keep a look out, as there are more shapes and sizes coming soon.

Maintaining proper hygiene during makeovers at the beauty counter is critical and brands can be sure that we will have a disposable mascara wand to replicate own brand wands since we know for good mascara testing, mascara brands require special brush heads for application that match their individual brush heads.

For makeup lovers, our collection of disposable mascara wands saves you money too – choose your favourite mascara product and use our amazing range of wands to get the most out of your product.

Disposable Makeup Applicators
Our carefully created core range of disposable makeup applicators caters for big beauty brands through to student MUA’s.  We have disposables that do all the jobs your pro

TPHC Tools collection ful3

TPHC disposable makeup applicators

brushes are designed for.  Quality, professional, affordable – that’s what we like and we are sure you will like our goodies too.

Hygiene Essentials
We have a fabulous collection of those essential hygiene items from cotton wool, to makeover capes (and every thing in between) – items every makeup pro, student and beauty professional should have in their kit.

A great “sealed” large/small pencil sharpener so you don’t cross-contaminate and get wax all over your makeup bag, precision mini point cotton

16098 collaspisble lantern bin 2

Pop up lantern bin/brush holder

buds for fine eye makeup application/cleanup and perfect pouts, disposable headbands for keeping hair out of the face and mixing wells and dishes. A “must have” brilliant space saving bin to pop all those disposables and q-tips in after use!

Tools & Accessories
Fantastic kit bags for pro makeup artists or your own handbag – brilliant for travel; a great selection of plastic bottles for decanting and staying hygiene friendly (keep your antibacterial hand

homepage web banner2

TPHC makeup tools and accessories

wash handy in one or use for travel), a range of jars, makeup sponges, a handy hand held mirror and great education tools including colour wheels, face charts, tweezers and eyelash curlers.

Bespoke Student Kits for Your School/College
We work with many schools and colleges, so if you are an educator, studio manager or a buyer, then talk to us as we can put together a kit for your courses and your students ensuring a value package. Students can buy online or we can provide the kits to you at college.  Just let us know what you need.  Email us at

Value Kits & Must Have Products
We know (having been there ourselves), how expensive building a makeup and beauty

16170 web 2

TPHC essential disposables kits

16174 deluxe pro artist kit full2

TPHC pro and student makeup artist kits

kit is and when you start out, it seems you have to have EVERYTHING!  The outlay can be very expensive.  We have put together with our knowledge and experience and with the input of our industry friends and experts, a number of kits ranging from the essential disposable applicator kit all the way through to an extensive, well thought through deluxe kit that includes a

16093 colour wheel 3 (2)

Artist’s colour wheel

colour wheel and even makeup design face charts.  You SAVE 20% on each of the kits, so take a look here and start building a “Clean Is Beautiful” kit or replace some of those yucky brushes and tools that are well past their sell by date.

Value for Money
Value for money is important to us here at TPHC HQ, so our products follow our mission of providing “quality, professional, affordable” products  to support our “Clean Is Beautiful” campaign. 

“Clean is Beautiful” is our watchword, so keep your eyes peeled for more news on this soon.

Useful Tips & How To Use Guide
There is a host of useful information about staying clean and beautiful on our web site

TPHC how to 3full

Useful information and guides

and with every order, clients receive a handy “how to use guide” along with answers to regularly asked questions.  There are also some short demo videos demoing the product range – take a look by clicking here.

So visit us at to discover our new goodies and remember with every individual order in May (one per person), you will receive FREE our lovely professional blusher brush.  Limited stocks, so shop for your free pro brush now.

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx




Spring Clean Your Makeup!

It’s got to that time of the year where we’re out with the old in with the new, rejuvenated, updated, cleansed and – our personal favourite – with a CLEANED up life.

Being ladies in the modern world, daily health, beauty and makeup can take up our precious time, so adding something extra to that daily routine, is just not going to fly!

If we are all truly honest and delved into our makeup bags and beauty boxes, we would find a leaking pot of glooping glitter, an old smashed bronzing powder, old crusty liquid eyeliner and dried up mascara, dirty makeup brushes and most definitely, outdated products!

dirty mubag

Antibac Action2 Jan2016Antibac Action3 Jan2016Antibac Action1 Jan2016

We know it all needs a good old fashioned sort out and “spring clean”. Not only is this necessary to bringing back a little routine and sanity to the morning mirror fix, but also to prevent some nasty infections and skin conditions that are often unknowingly caused by old, dirty or infected makeup products and tools.
PMUS eye with stye infection

Those swollen lids and puffy bags in the morning could be down to an irritating mascara product – or, worse – a contaminated mascara wand. And sharing lip gloss and lipstick can give you the life long Herpes cold sore virus – yuk!

iStock_000016788918Small[1]Those bumps on your cheeks that just won’t go away could be caused by your unclean makeup brush. If you aren’t cleaning your brushes regularly (and we mean once a week for normal gals and guys and between every client as a pro MUA), then the bacteria will just be going straight back onto the brush and back on to your face and into the product with every use too.

MBC Spraying Action 2 Jan2016

Basically, over and above the inconvenience of ending up with an unintentional grey or glittery face, keeping your makeup products and tools clean will help prevent bacterial infections with unsightly consequences.

So this coming May Day bank holiday weekend, find some time to organise, clean and de-clutter your makeup collection.

The Pro Hygiene Collection® (as you all know) is the brand that has a product to sanitize and keep clean all your makeup, brushes, tools and accessories (as well as your hands!).

For this coming weekend only, we are offering on our new web site our “Discovery Kit” which comprises 100ml each of our hero products at HALF PRICE, but only at www.theprohygienecollection.comclick here.


The Pro Hygiene Collection Discovery Kit, 50% off

The offer runs from Friday 28 April until Friday 5th May, so buy now and follow our “Clean Is Beautiful” weekend spring clean guide below
inconsiderate woman found  thing in purse
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASTEP 1: Empty the contents of your makeup bag and clean the inside and outside of the makeup bag.
To do this: once empty, place your makeup bag in a sink of warm/hot water and give it a rinse to remove any loose product. Then scrub with a small new nail brush both the inside and outside of your makeup bag with The Pro Hygiene Collection® Makeup Brush and Sponge Sanitizing Wash and rinse well with warm water until sparkling clean. Allow to dry.PAO_symbol

STEP 2: Meanwhile… check the POA dates on your makeup products and chuck everything out of date or that looks worse for wear. Remove any loose powder, check for any broken and cracked seals/lids.

STEP 3: Be realistic with what you keep. Less is more in terms of makeup on the face and makeup in the makeup bag! If there’s a purple eye-shadow in there that you really never wear, then be gone with that too. Trust us, there is nothing more satisfying than a minimal makeup collection when it comes to bag contents. We all want to small, neat and clean makeup bag in our handbags!

brush cleanerOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASTEP 4Clean your makeup brushes, sponges and puffs – for a quick fix you can spray The Pro Hygiene Collection® Makeup Brush Cleaner (photo on the right) onto your brushes before wiping the brush clean onto a tissue.

But seeing as we’re going all out with the “spring cleaning”, it’s time to give them a thorough deep clean and that means putting all your brushes, sponges and puffs into the sink and wetting with warm water before applying a 10 pence piece amount of The Pro Hygiene Collection® Makeup Brush and Sponge Sanitizing Wash to each, working into a gentle lather for a really good clean. Then rinse under running warm water until clean of suds. Repeat until squeaky clean. Make sure to leave cleaned makeup brushes flat with the brush head over the edge of a surface to allow air to circulate whilst drying – see photo below. And, NEVER, EVER LEAVE MAKEUP BRUSHES IN WATER TO SOAK.  This damages the glue that all brushes are made with and sits in the feral (the bit between the handle and brush).  Ever wondered why your makeup brushes suddenly shed their hairs!  One sure way to destroy brushes which can, as we all know, be very expensive.

TPHC MBSW action8 full hang1
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASTEP 5: Spray The Pro Hygiene Collection® Antibacterial Makeup Spray onto your makeup tools (pencil sharpers, eyelash curlers, metal spatulas, mixing palettes, tweezers, you name it), wait for just over a minute and wipe the remaining spray residue from each tool using a clean tissue.



The Pro Hygiene Collection Discovery Kit 50% off

Enjoy the long weekend (for those who are getting the time off work) and BUY at half price your Discovery Kit – no excuses at that price!

Oh, and P.S. – you will notice that we have over 50 new products on our new web site – so shop around – more news next week and some special launch offers.

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx