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The Pro Hygiene Collection® comprising Hand Sanitizing Gel, Antibacterial Makeup Spray, Makeup Brush & Sponge Sanitizing Wash, All In One Makeup Remover and Makeup Brush Cleaner

Welcome to our new blog “Clean is Beautiful”. We hope to share with you our news, views and general thoughts and insights into the world of beauty, fashion and other things we’re interested in – whether our own news or that from our friends and industry. There is lots to look forward to now that The Pro Hygiene Collection® is well and truly established as the “go-to brand” for all things squeaky clean! We have created our “Clean is Beautiful” blog also to keep you posted on our current products and our secret new lines launching this year as well as to share with you regular hygiene tips and makeup and beauty dos and don’ts but, we also want to hear from you! We’re up-and-running on social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram too, so just click the links to follow, share, and leave comments as we’d love to know what you think – the good, the bad and the ugly. Thank you, Love from The Pro Hygiene Collection.


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