Fake The Perfect Tan

Spring 2016 has surely had its ups and downs and although we’ve had our fair share of showers here in the UK, the sun is only getting stronger. So, being the beauty gurus that we are, this obviously implies some heavy sun-protection warnings on our part. It really is unquestionable in this day and age, that if you care about your skin – you wear SPF. 

If you want tips on how to make your makeup survive in the hot weather then see our Tips & Tricks for Hot Weather Makeup post from last summer. But today we’ll be talking about how to fake the perfect summer tan.

With the season of summer holidays approaching, it’s a good time to invest in some knowledge regarding the proper self-tanning procedure.

Firstly, here are our tried and tested top-picks of tanning products available today.

Although not cheap, Vita Liberata just has to be the best self-tanning range out there, and this is coming from a truly pasty Brit who has tried just about everything to maintain natural looking bronzed skin all year round.

The full range is available online at Feelunique.com but the real winner from the range is the pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan which:
– lasts up to 4 times longer than regular self tans
– is incredibly easy to apply even for the novice tanner
– is super fast drying so you can redress immediately
– contains Odour Remove™ for zero smell.


Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan, £37.50  (photo:feelunique.com)

The mousse comes in Fair, Medium and Dark but we advise you to be fearless and go for Medium or Dark as you might as well opt for a cheaper alternative (ie a gradual moisturiser tan) if you only want a light glow, and just one application of the dark shade really does leave you looking like you’ve spent a good couple of weeks in the Bahamas with minimal effort.


Rimmel London Sunshimmer Self Tan, £7.99 (photo: superdrug.com)

A cheaper but similar alternative is the Rimmel London Sunshimmer Self Tan Mousse 150ml Dark Matte available at Superdrug  for just £7.99.
Although it only lasts for one week rather than three, it dries in two minutes, is lightweight so easy to apply, has no self tan smell and it gives up to 24hours of moisture.

For the face, it’s better to use a tanning mist as these work better at giving an even coverage, and means you don’t have to wipe a tanning mitt all over your T-zone – or even touch your face at all.


Sienna X Express Tanning Mist 150ml Sienna X £15.95 (photo:feelunique.com)

We love Sienna X Express Tanning Mist 150ml£15.95 available at Feelunique.com . Simply hold 15-20cm from the face and lightly spray even over your face and neck. Afterwards, gently wipe the eyebrows and mouth area with a towel to avoid an orange tinge to your tash or brows.





  • Always use a clean tanning mitt before application (simply hand-wash with warm water and soap)
  • always exfoliate before application and ensure you have removed all jewelry and traces of deodorant
  • be extra careful and try to apply less around the armpits, knees, elbows and chest.
  • tan your hands last and then moisturise between the fingers and around the knuckles to avoid tell-tale hands
  • use a tanning mist to top up tan on face and hands
  • moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

Happy summer holidays everyone and remember, #FakeItDontBakeIt.










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