It’s the Season of Scents

It’s the season of bloom and the Chelsea Flower Show is well under way so it’s practically impossible not to be inspired by all of the wonderful worldly scents, which is why we thought perfume an appropriate topic for today.  

aerin perfume

Aerin Mediterranean honeysuckle eau de parfum (

After trialing Aerin’s range, we just fell in love with Aerin Mediterranean honeysuckle eau de parfum. The notes of sweet Honeysuckle complimented by citrusy Grapefruit, Italian Bergamont and Mandarin oil, with hints of fresh Lily of the Valley and Jasmine Sambac make this a truly magical fragrance and ultimately, our seasonal favourite of 2016!
Head to Selfridges to buy it in 50ml at £88 or in 100ml at £120.

If you use and follow The Pro Hygiene Collection® ethos, you’ll know that makeup expires, and that respecting the shelf-lives of your makeup products is crucial if you don’t want to be subject to a number of nasty infections and sometimes even illness.

But what about perfume? Perfume hoarding is apparently “normal” and we’re guilty of occasionally spritzing ourselves with a 10-year-old Chanel no’5 that we’ve found at the back of a dusty cupboard. But what are the rules, if any??

The wonderful team at Allure gives the lowdown on the ageing process of perfume in ‘Does Perfume Actually Expire?’ so we don’t have to. Thanks Allure!

“One scent might be past its prime in six months. Another could still smell amazing after ten years”

In summary:

1. Perfumes with heavier base notes last the longest.

2. Direct sunlight and heat break down a fragrance.

3. Another enemy of perfume? Air.

4. If you tend to have a lot of fragrances in rotation, choose ones with a higher alcohol content.

See the original article by Allure to learn why. But for all you perfume hoarders/rotators, the more alcohol in the fragrance the better. Look for eau de parfum and avoid essential oils, which are diluted with a smaller amount of alcohol.

Although it might not extend the lives of your fragrances, it certainly extends those of your lipsticks, powders, pencils, makeup tools and accessories, which is why we have awarded The Pro Hygiene Collection® Antibacterial Makeup Spray with our gold medal.

antibac flower
Available in 100ml at Selfridges for just £10.

To learn more about fragrances in the UK, head to The Fragrance Foundation UK and share your #ScentMemories on via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend everyone, and remember – clean is beautiful. 



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