Prep for Silky Summer Legs

With Glastonbury and the summer holidays fast approaching,  right about now, is the time to perk up those legs. Well, it’s at least time to start prepping!

First off, book in a wax at a trusted waxing salon, and if you don’t  have one – get searching (ensuring registered, qualified and insured). Alternatively, depending on the coarseness of your leg hairs and your skin type and sensitivity, get out your razor.



Thorough preparation is key for a smooth, long-lasting tan so exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate – especially before applying self-tan.
The fabulous and incredibly trusty team at Beauty Bible, gave the low-down in an old response to a not uncommon  ‘Emergency leg S.O.S.!’. The advice from 2013 still rings true today, and we think that The Body Shop’s exfoliating brush is an absolute must-have for leg exfoliation, even now in 2016.

If you don’t already, then make a habit of moisturising immediately after showering, whilst your skin is still damp. This is crucial if you plan on both real-tanning and fake-tanning.

feetToday is #InternationalFlipFlopDay, which is a sure sign NOT to neglect the feet. Neither aeroplanes, nor the hot weather, do any good for our feet (well not for us Brits anyway). So, in our humble opinion, a pedicure is necessary if you plan on getting your tootsies for first time around, this year.

The final, and most important step for many of us – whilst easily omitted for others – is self-tanning. Follow the link to see our blog post on our favourite self-tanning products with some useful tips to make the application a little less daunting. 



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