Wimbledon – Benefits of Fruit & Veg

If you didn’t already know, the team at The Pro Hygiene Collection® HQ is crazy about clean – and that also includes clean eating, so when scientific research finds new evidence to overrule outdated diet fads, we want to know about it.

As much as “super-foods” continue to dominate the papers and health magazines, new research shows that you can actually get the same health benefits with regular fruit and vegetables and grains than you would with expensive ingredients such as chia seeds.

In this article from the Metro – chef Joel Chaudhuri, the Sous Chef at Babylon restaurant, reveals what tennis stars eat while training for Wimbledon. Quinoa and tofu are amongst the ingredients used, so they must be healthy! But, are they really worth all the hype and the big price tag?

Well, apparently not.

In BBC’s ‘The Truth About Healthy Eating’ volunteers were given either quinoa or pearl barley. According to Chef Chauduri, and the majority of the UK public, quinoa releases carbohydrates much slower than other foods and contains a lot of protein. However, once the volunteers’ blood samples were taken and analysed, there was no noticeable difference and both grains released a similar amount of energy within two hours of being eaten. With pearl barley costing £0.11 per 100 grams and quinoa costing £0.60 per 100 grams at the same store, the price difference certainly seems unjustified – as does the hype.

strawbWhen we think of Wimbledon, we think strawberries and cream and Pimms.  Whilst very traditional British summer staples, there is a good reason to eat more strawberries due to their vitamin C, which is great for tennis players because the collagen is vital for joint mobility, immunity and eye health. It’s also great for us watching because collagen increases skin elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – and we all love a bit of eye-candy!

Just eight of the nation’s favourite berries contains more of this vitamin than an orange, but what’s more interesting is the hype that is – goji berries. When compared to strawberries based on the levels of vitamin C – again, there was no obvious difference. At a staggering £1.75 per 100 grams, they just don’t seem worth it compared to £0.43 for strawberries which are a lot tastier too!


cucucuAnother unsurprising ingredient on Chef Chauduri’s tennis-inspired menu is Cured Scottish salmon with dill and English mustard, shaved fennel and orange salad, lemon yoghurt dressing and cucumber

Cucumber; keeps you hydrated, fights heat (both inside and out), revives the eyes, flushes out toxins and supplies skin-friendly minerals: magnesium, potassium and silicon. Again, great for the athletes and us normal mortals. Follow this link to find nourishing homemade face-masks made from super cheap, healthy and easy – cucumber.

Healthy eating is common sense.
Eating processed food is not going to do your skin, body or health any good. Think products of nature rather than products of industry and you will see the results and smiles all round! However, life is for living so a small treat every now and again is fine and actually good for your well-being and happiness levels.



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