Olympics: Maintaining Beauty

When training and performing at the Olympics – even if you’re not a gymnast sporting sparkles and a leotard – there are still grooming standards to be met. It’s not just the looks department that we should all be keeping clean and fresh – but our mentality too, and the two often go hand-in-hand.

Above the obvious desire to look good on national television, some grooming techniques, depending on the sport, are actually required to maximise performance. Here are some tips for achieving realistic and beneficial health and beauty regarding a select range of sports at Rio’s Olympics:


  • Running long-distance in hot conditions is going to make you sweat and will inevitably cause hair to get greasy very quickly. Try to refrain from washing your hair every day as this can be really drying (for most people, we recommend just one hair wash per week!) In particularly hot weather, tie hair in a bun so that it doesn’t pick up extra sweat from your shoulders.

Tennis (and all other outside sports)

  • Working Argan oil into the mid-lengths and ends of your hair can help to prevent split ends which are a likely byproduct of being in the sun and having your hair tied in a pony-tail all day.
2016-rio-olympics-sync-or img

Brazil’s synchronised swimmer, Maria Eduarda Miccuci (photo:www.avax.news)


  • an olympic diver’s number one beauty enemy has got to be mascara that smudges and leaves tell-tale black panda eyes. Either opt for waterproof mascara, or go and get those lashes tinted (TIP: go for “blue-black” dye when tinting your lashes for striking outlined eyes)
  • moisturise before swimming so that the pool doesn’t try out your skin.We love Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream
  • the Tangle Teezer is your best friend.
gymnast 2016

Lauren Hernandez, US Olympic Gymnast (photo:www.heavy.com)


  • as a gymnast, it is essential that cannot get tangled whilst performing and be out of the face, so an amazing hairspray with extra hold is crucial. We love Continuous Control Hairspray by  John Frieda 
  • if you have long hair, then put it in a bun so you don’t end up with a long ponytail flipping over and hitting you in the face while you’re doing flips and searching for the beam.

You only have to look at the Olympic athletes taking part in Rio – from the riders to swimmers, from beach volley ballers to the gymnasts to see just how great these woman look. If sports are a big part of your life, or like us – you just like to keep fit and healthy, whilst looking your best, then take a lesson from the professionals and not the highly photo-shopped magazine models . We certainly will!




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