National Eye Health Week

The seventh annual National Eye Health Week (NEHW) runs from today, 19th September 2016 until Sunday 25th September 2016. This week, eye care charities, organisations and health professionals from across the UK join together to promote the importance of eye health and the need for regular sight tests for all.

Here at The Pro Hygiene Collection® headquarters, we understand the importance of eye care and the day-to-day dangers that can cause sensitivity, infection and in extreme cases blindness, when proper hygiene standards are not met.

While it is crucial that we all get our eyesight tested regularly – a comprehensive eye exam every two years is recommended, dependent on age, risk factors, and noticeable changes to vision – it is also important to know some general hygiene tips so that no easily avoidable damage to the eye incurs.

To support National Eye Health Week, we will be updating you all with daily posts on how to reduce the risks you expose your eyes to, with some simple hygienic tips and rules to abide by daily.

See our first tip below, posted on 19th September 2016:


FIRST STEP: Clean Hands.
All basic hygiene comes down to clean hands and clean water and as much as we recommend touching or rubbing your eyes as little as possible – it is hugely important to ensure that hands are washed effectively – not only after using the loo, during food preparation, before and after eating (think BBQ’s and picnics), after being out and about on public transport, but also before contact with the eyes e.g. when applying makeup.

So keep your eyes posted this week on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for daily informative posts to keep your “peepers” bright and healthy.


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