A Beauty Guru’s Guide to Surviving the Christmas Party

Here at The Pro Hygiene Collection® HQ, we take pride in our expertise when it comes to makeup artistry, skincare, and beauty hygiene. So here’s our advice on how to survive the Christmas party season and make it to the big day on the 25th beautifully and gracefully.


glitterA bit of glitter goes a long way, and if you’ve left it until last minute to bag yourself a sparkly, slinky number, then focus on your face and nails. There’s nothing like a bit of sparkle to transform your day makeup into something glamorous and festive for the evening.

The beautiful and insanely successful makeup artist/beauty blogger and lover of The Pro Hygiene Collection® – Kaushal Beauty, demonstrates how to ace the day-to-night makeup look in this tutorial:

Party Tip

christmasA little tip – never get tempted to borrow your colleague’s lippie in the bathroom. No one wants to spend Christmas day with a big fat cold sore on their lip, and at this time of the year, those carrying the herpes simplex virus might well be flaring up (VERY contagious) without yet showing any symptoms, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Post Party

tphc-makeup-remover-actionOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHeavy makeup requires an effective makeup remover. Whatever state you’re in, thorough makeup removal is crucial if you want to make it to Christmas looking your best. We suggest to keep it quick and gentle by using our own fabulous  The Pro Hygiene Collection® All In One Makeup Remover.  It literally melts away even long-wear and waterproof makeup. The fact that it’s a favourite among makeup artists should give you confidence that it really will do the job!  By the way, no dye, no fragrance, no alcohol, perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin and eyes.

LOTS of water is absolutely crucial if you want to survive the lead up to Christmas in grace and an equal amount of moisturiser should do the trick in helping to prevent that washed out, spotty “morning after” face too.

To finish up, here are some inspirational sparkle-inspired makeup looks from the AMAZING Abbie May MUAinstagram.com/abbiemaymua


Love and kisses from

The Pro Hygiene Collection® XXXX



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