Keep Your Face & Body Conditioned In The Winter Months By Following These Simple Rules

pretty-woman-makeup-mirror-glamour-39250It’s so tempting during the festive season when you have over indulged on snacks and fizz to skip the next party. It’s so easy to just go home to a nice warm home and an early night!

The cold (ish) weather doesn’t help matters either, plus it just makes beautifying a little bit harder and more time-consuming. There are many reasons for this. Switching the heating on sucks the humidity out of your home, potentially causing dry skin. Cold weather also causes skin to become flaky and dry and makes us forget to drink water! Hydration is just as important in the colder months and if you’re lacking in it, then you’re at higher risk of catching colds, flu and just generally feeling tired and un-festive.

young beautiful perfect model applying professional makeupSave your skin

Avoid silly long, hot showers that feel so good on a cold day.

Drink the equivalent of extra water of a ratio of one to one for every unit of alcohol (five glasses of wine = five extra glasses of water before bed if not intermittently).


Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate,

If you’ve had a heavy night, cool down by refrigerating your beauty products. Eye creams, moisturisers and face-masks at a cooler temperature will help tackle puffiness. If it’s already too late, then pop some cool cucumber slices on your eyes or press a cold wet towel on your face to wake it up and calm it down.

At this time of the year, night oils are a Godsend. Apply Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate 30ml to your skin before your usual moisturiser to lock in moisture all night long. We also recommend opting for a night moisturiser during the day, or  just switching your oil-free moisturiser for an oil-based one.

Lip Loveglitter-lips

It’s no secret that Christmas brings with it both crispy potatoes and the less appetizing – crusty lips. To help the situation, always keep a conditioning lip balm handy.  Carmex, if you don’t mind the smell, is always a winner but for something a little sexier and still cheap – we LOVE Caudalie Lip Conditioner 4g, which nourishes, protects and soothes with Grape-seed Polyphenols, Shea butter and Castor Oil.


Caudalie Lip Conditioner,

TIP: Caudalie Lip Conditioner 4g doubles up as a balm for a flaky nose or crusty eye brow, giving a little more protection than your average moisturiser which can sometimes irritate sensitive areas like the corners of your nose, particularly in winter months. Apply balm before makeup – it acts as a great base and protector all in one.

Be Sensible and Suck It Up!

Here at The Pro Hygiene Collection® HQ, we believe that clean is beautiful. So from cleaning your hands to avoiding sharing your makeup and makeup brushes this winter, just be sensible and enjoy yourself and don’t complain even if the winter bug does catch you!

Just get on with life, eat well, enjoy the festive season and remember there is a lot worse going on in the world that others less fortunate than ourselves face daily, so a bit of cold is just one of the joys of winter!

Lots of love, kisses, and festive wishes from,

The Pro Hygiene Collection xxxx




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