Find Out The Winners From Our Collab Contest with MUA & luxury candle Entrepreneur Millie Edwards

IMG_0522.JPGHappy New Year to our beautiful friends and followers! Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017.

In case you weren’t tuned in over the Christmas period, we teamed up with the amazing makeup artist turned entrepreneur Millie Edwards for our Christmas giveaway. For each of the Twelve Days of Christmas, we offered a luxury Millie Edwards scented candle to our followers on Instagram and Twitter.


Now that Christmas is over (and we hope you put all your festive decorations away by yesterday), we have selected twelve lucky winners…

@soph_laalaa wins Karma Love

@HKrobertson79 wins Karma Relax

@Deanne2016 wins Millie’s Secret

@maryh1980 wins Amber Lavender

@Thebretonbird wins Rosemary & Thyme

@Louiseemmac wins Amaretto

@tregurthabird wins Roses

@Lillybud1 wins Karma

@Claireannstewart wins Cherry Amaretto

@Rebekahnicallen wins Heather & Honey

@Tilly_comper wins Honeysuckle

@Nightflower2001 wins Cactus & Seasalt


We are just preparing the send-outs now, so please keep an eye on your inboxes.


With love and here’s to a great 2017,

The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxx


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