The Pro Hygiene Collection® launches “TPHC Daily”

Here at TPHC HQ we love learning and passing on tips, useful advice, insider knowledge as well as our ideas, thoughts and news.


Welcome to “TPHC Daily” – a plethora of fun beauty, heath and general well-being insights from The Pro Hygiene Collection®.
delete-cut-wandSome are tips from our grandmothers and mums as well as our friends in the industry, covering everything from hair, skin, makeup (and, of course, hygiene) to fitness and lifestyle.



We also want to hear from you.  Tell us your tips and advice by posting on our Twitter or contact us and we will review each month all the thoughts and ideas and post a TPHC Daily Fan Bulletin with a prize each month for the best tip.

Tweet us @prohygieneUK
Email to:

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx


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