Sweeten Up Without Sugar for Sugar-Free February Supporting Cancer Research

Today is World Cancer Day and after a month of cutting out alcohol, we’re in for a month of cutting out sugar. Sugar-Free February is a campaign run by Cancer Research challenging you to cut out sugar to raise money towards funding cancer research.


Click here to print your own calendar to keep you motivated

You might have a friend that could do with an ethical nudge towards giving up those snacks or you might want to do something good for yourself right now whilst helping to cut the 50% chance you’ll have cancer later.
There are SO many reasons to take part.
The fact that we all will at least know someone who is or has been affected by the disease puts the importance of cancer research close to all our hearts.  However, some of us (if not others) could do with a little push to do something about it. So here is a gentle nudge to put your pennies towards Cancer Research whilst improving your brains, health and well-being.
And, if you are worried about how things might taste without the white stuff, there are some great sugar alternatives out there and the benefits of giving up sugar for just this month, will pale into insignificance come March!

sugar-free-febOut with the old fat-eliminating fads, and in with the new and (hopefully) improved method of cutting out “killer” sugar.

In recent years, science has given us some pretty good evidence that low-fat diets do not curb heart disease nor help you live longer, and that the real enemy is sugar and processed foods.We know that cutting out some good fats can be detrimental to your health as healthy fats—such as omega-3s—are vital to both your physical and emotional health.

Cutting out sugar can be difficult – especially at first – but we know that once eliminated, your life will change. Cravings, over-eating and mood-swings are just a few of the problems that could also be eliminated once sugar has been significantly removed from your diet. Here are some alternatives to keep your coffees and smoothies sweet without using sugar or artificial sweeteners containing harmful aspartame.

veg-deleteSee this article from our fabulous friends at Beauty Bible, giving the sweet lowdown on sugar alternatives along with some useful information on the glycaemic index (GI), and the real facts and potential dangers of fructose (sugar from fruit).

Beauty Bible lists some natural sugar alternatives, which are less refined and have some nutritional benefits “but should be used in moderation (and may not be suitable for diabetics)”.

Yacon syrup/GI 1 its sweetness comes from a prebiotic that helps to feed the beneficial bacteria in the digestive system – hence the very low GI. Contains a good amount of vitamins and minerals, but may not suit IBS sufferers.

Brown rice syrup/GI 25 also known as rice malt syrup, with a similar taste to barley malt syrup (below). Slightly crunchy, so best in crumbles, flapjacks or granola. Contains no fructose or sucrose.

Palm jaggery/GI 40 has a caramel taste, which not everyone likes in drinks. Use it instead of sugar. Contains good amounts of B vitamins and minerals.

Barley malt syrup/GI 42 thick and dark with a malt taste. Contains some vitamins and minerals – and almost no fructose or sucrose. Makes wonderful flapjacks.

Coconut sugar/GI 35-54 tastes similar to sugar and can be used in both food and drinks. Rich in nutrients including inulin, which has a prebiotic effect.

Maple syrup/GI 54 pure maple syrup contains zinc, manganese and calcium. Although principally sucrose, it is often recommended for IBS sufferers as it causes fewer digestive problems.

All are available from Whole Foods Market (wholefoods.london), apart from palmyra jaggery (amazon.co.uk) and barley malt syrup (hollandandbarrett.com).

Beauty Bible, 25 July 2016

Download your donation form to raise money offline here.

Here’s Cancer Research’s helpful guide to going sugar free and some fundraising tips here.

If it makes you feel any better, the TPHC HQ office is totally sugar-free and all sugary snacks are strictly off limits. We know we are going to feel great come March.

Good luck everyone!

Love and kisses from

The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxx


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