Advice for Pro MUAs & Beauty Professionals at Trade Shows and Fashion Shows

IMATS 2015 Bobbi Brown resizedWe are looking forward to visiting this year’s Professional Beauty show at London’s Excel on Sunday 26th and Monday 27th February 2017 to catch up with friends, enjoy the competitions, find out what’s new and exciting and, of course, promote The Pro Hygiene Collection®.

Thinking about the show, it’s a good chance to remind everyone whether exhibiting or visiting to think “safe beauty” – after all, we believe in “Clean is Beautiful”.

Looking out for the health and safety of your clients is an essential part of being a makeup artist and beauty professional. And, that means making sure products, brushes, tools, accessories and hands are kept as clean and sanitized while practising proficient, hygienic and professional makeup application and beauty treatments.

Live demo’s at trade shows are certainly no exception, and whilst they are the perfect time to show off your professional skills and products, it is even more important to demonstrate your 360 degree hygienic beauty practice – makeup, nails, beauty treatments, even when just demonstrating new makeup brushes and spray tans!

Here our quick top ten tips:

  • First impressions count
    A dirty kit = dirty makeup artist/counter/beauty therapist/treatment room. Making sure basic equipment is clean and 100% sanitized will go a long way to setting the right tone for your work.
  • Hygiene ritual – wipe in/wipe out
    Sanitize, clean and wipe all tools and products. Do this in front of your client to make sure they KNOW you are hygienic and recognise the importance of their health and safety and, of course use The Pro Hygiene Collection®.
    Two hands open in prayer
  • Hands up!
    Did you sanitize your hands first? 80% of germs are transferred by hands, so don’t compromise your clean kit and tools by simply not sanitizing your hands.
  • no-double-dippingIf in doubt… sample that out!
    Always decant products into clean palettes, tissues or onto clean hands. This means you will not be tempted to “double dip” back in to the original products.
  • synthetic-makeup-brush-fullPro brushes and applicators
    Never blow onto brushes and applicators – gently tap away any excess product instead. Always clean brushes between clients and at the end of every day. Use The Pro Hygiene Collection®.
  • Wave a clean wand or applicatordelete-cut-wand
    Cut off your mascara wand/lip and eyeliner applicators upon purchase to remind you not to contaminate through double dipping. Use a disposable.
  • use-disposable-mascara-wandsMono dipping moment
    No double dipping! “Double dipping” means reloading the same mascara wand or makeup applicator by dipping it into the tube of product more than once and results in cross-contamination of both products and customers. Mono dip instead.
  • Sharpen, sketch and sharpen sharpen-eyeliner-pencils
    Sanitize makeup pencils by sharpening them between clients and clean your sharpener each time too.
  • pmus_applying_foundation_fullLeave out the latex
    Use latex-free sponges to avoid subjecting clients to potential allergic reactions.
  • Looks count
    If it doesn’t look/smell right, don’t use it. Respect the shelf life of your products.
  • Ensure you’re insured

Don’t underestimate the importance of insurance.  And it’s not just public liability that’s important.  Make sure you’re covered for kit, money and legal too.  Professional Beauty have a great range of insurance programmes, so there’s no excuse.
Just follow the link for beauty insurance options.

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx





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