Do you know what colours REALLY suit you? Or are you just a slave to what you “like”?

Isn’t it funny how it’s always when you’re wearing certain clothes, that people tell you how great you look? Well, not THAT funny, as it is highly likely that the colour or colours you are wearing complement your skin tone and hair giving an overall look of fabulousness!



For many of us, understanding what colours truly complement our skin tone and hair, and how much better the right colours can make us look and feel, is something we probably know a bit about, but never really put into practice.  Knowing what tone you are and what really suits you can be a great advantage as it can also save you money. How many foundations and lipsticks have you bought that are the wrong colour and tone? And what about those clothes hanging in the wardrobe that you bought because they were such a bargain and were so “on trend”?

Having had our “colours” done both for clothing and makeup (the latter of course being our bread and butter), we know it really works and anyone who says it’s rubbish, take a leaf out of our book, we were honestly surprised and would recommend it to anyone. We have saved ourselves pointless trips to the changing room by narrowing our selection in the shops, and can shop online so much more effectively now.  There are the odd occasions when a pair of shoes just has to be had, as you can get away with the wrong colour on your feet, whereas wearing the wrong lipstick just makes you look weird, ill, or colour-blind!

As we said, it’s not just what  colours clothes-wise, but the same principle applies for your makeup.  Of course, we are talking day to day and not the highly creative looks we see on catwalks and fashion pages.

Matching skin-tone accurately is, without doubt, the most important skill for every makeup professional (and boy do we see many mistakes out there), so before you go shopping for new products, it is worth understanding your own skin colour/tone.  Are you warm, yellow-based, olive, ivory… cool?



With such a huge range of products on the market, let alone colours, getting the right match can be somewhat overwhelming and it is so easy to just go with what the beauty assistant recommends …… and then you get home and look yellow!  We have all made those expensive mistakes and thrown away product after product after product.

Answering the simple question of whether your undertones are pink-based or yellow-based is crucial for determining a perfect skin colour-match. Kim Kardashian might well be your makeup icon but applying  a yellow-based foundation to your rosy complexion against your blonde hair might make you just look like a five year old playing dressing up! Here are some easy guidelines…..



Firstly, to make things easy – take POPSUGAR’s quiz to see if your undertones are cool or warm. Or, if you can afford, book a professional makeup lesson with a teaching school tutor – it will be worth every penny!

Working out what colour “season” you are can help no end when it comes to selecting colours for both clothes and makeup.  This is a little harder to do on your own (again, we would recommend an appointment with a colour specialist) to help you determine if you are spring, summer, autumn or winter.

The colour palletes for each season below are a guideline of what you’ll be advised to wear depending on your season. However, if you’re a spring but you like your dark slimming colours, then a specialist can help you find darker colours that still complement you – just perhaps not 100%!



Colours in the spring palette are warm, bright, fresh and light.

Usually, you have cool undertones if you are a spring.

You receive compliments in bright shades: turquoise, watermelon, salmon.

You might have a low contrast between your hair, skin and eye colours OR you might have dark hair, pale skin but with clear (perhaps piercing) eyes.

Think dark to medium brown to coppery red, strawberry, deep golden to light blonde hair. If you suit spring colours but you have dark hair, then it most likely has golden or reddish highlights.




Colours in the summer palette are gentle, soft, cool and calm.

If you have light colour characteristics e.g. light/cool/soft, then you might be a summer.

If you suit summer colours, you might notice that there isn’t a huge contrast between your hair and eye colour. Conversely, you might have cool (diffused) deep hair, eye color and light skin:
Think Kate Moss vs. Angelina Jolie.

An overall ashy colouring to you, whether you are dark or light skinned, often calls for a summer pallete – think soft and cool like slate, blue, grey.



Colours in the autumn palette are deep, warm, natural and earthy.

If your colour characteristics are warm, deep and muted then these are the colors for you.

Autumns often have strawberry blonde, chestnut brown or rich red hair and peachy, warm skin.

Deep earthy eye colours like black-brown, deep to medium brown, bright brown, deep green, light to dark hazel, dark blue, mixed blue and green eyes (some gray or/and yellow in them) suit an autumn pallete.

If you get lots of compliments when wearing browns, khakis, golds, then chances are that you are an autumn.




Colours in the winter palette are cool, bold, vibrant and intense.

If you receive compliments in bold shades, black white, red and jewel tones – you are probably a winter.

The winter palette is made up of three colour families – cool, deep and bright.

You will always have a blue undertone to your skin and strong clarity to your coloring, i.e. high contrast.


Wherever you are, you’ll be able to find a colourist who might well just change your life. House of Colour have loads of specialists all around the UK. Just type in your postcode on their Stylist Directory to find one near you.


Clowning (

In our next blog we talk about colour-matching for skin and how colour theory works to help bring out your best features.  There IS science behind it.  And if you’ve ever wondered why there is green concealer, or what ‘clowning’ is (image on the right) then read our next blog.

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx



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