World Physical Activity Day

Now that spring is here and the sun is out (at least here in London today), there is absolutely no excuse not to exercise and especially in the great outdoors.

out door activityEven switching from your bedroom floor to your roof terrace or garden to do your 50-a-day squat challenge or morning sit-ups could have beneficial effects


Here are some benefits to exercising outside:

1. Vitamin D
It’s no new news that the vitamin D we get from sunbeams is beneficial to our health – helping with depression and low moods. This is because when you’re out in the sun, your body naturally releases endorphins – making you happier, thus healthier!

2. Mental stimulation
Doing your workouts indoors can be dull and incredibly boring – especially after the long winter.  Heading outside can give your brain stimulation and give your mind a workout too. Just being outdoors and hopefully surrounded by some sort of nature, can give you a healthy mood boost and help combat anxiety and stress. Bonus points if you take your shoes off to feel the grass on your feet.

3. Work new muscles and avoid getting bored
Although it is said gym machines replicate real activities and use the same muscle groups, isn’t it nicer to go for a run in the park on a sunny day, rather than running on a boring treadmill?  By varying your training with outdoor workouts, you are using the same muscles but with more variety. In other words, a better work out as it’s not predictable.  Being outside means different terrain and obstacles as you hit hills and different surfaces (think grade, mud, concrete, gravel). Muscles and limbs will have to work differently as compared to using the gym equipment. Isn’t that more fun than the cross trainer in front of the TV?

4.  If all the above fails – let’s face it – it’s a lot cheaper than the gym!
Cancelling your gym membership for just six months of the year can save you money (hundreds of pounds if you are flashy) especially if you are not using your membership three/four times a week to make it cost effective. And if you don’t feel that you are self-motivated enough to get out and exercise on your own, there are running clubs, military style fitness classes and endless fitness apps to set you up and keep you going. Here are our top picks:

FitStar Personal Trainer

If you are still in the early stages and struggle any activity at all, download Pokémon GO! This is a great alternative for Candy Crush or X-box addicts as it allows them to be stuck to their gadgets and sucked into a virtual reality, whilst forcing them outdoors, as to progress and collect Pokemon, you actually have to get outside and find them!

If you’re a Londoner, look at TimeOut London’s best Outdoor exercise classes in London for outdoor exercise inspiration with their best rated al fresco fitness classes.

Whatever age and lifestyle you lead, there is NO excuse not to do any exercise and since spring has finally spring, get out and just enjoy the day – even a walk at lunch for half and hour instead of sitting with your lunch at your desk is a big step forward and you will feel great mentally and physically.

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx



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