Looking Good at All Ages – The Queen – A Shining Example


(photo: Will Johnston Photography)

Her Majesty the Queen turned 91 years old last week and still looks amazing. She is a shining example of someone working style, colour and makeup for their age.  How does she do it so gracefully and elegantly and moreover, how does she not look a day over 70?

In a previous blog, we spoke about the importance of getting your colours right when it comes to dressing (whatever age you are).

The Queen has been a long-standing fan of French beauty brand Clarins, dating back to her Coronation in 1952. She even commissioned the company to create her very own shade of lippy to complement the colour of her glamorous white satin Coronation gown.

Although Clarins will not comment on which shade the queen uses exactly (quite rightly), it is well known in royal circles that Queen Elizabeth has always favoured red or deep rose shades of lipstick since she became Queen more than 60 years ago.

Queen Elizabeth

Her Majesty with Ruby Red Lips (photo: David Bailey, dailymail.co.uk)

Not only does ruby red photograph well, but we all know that the Queen is very considerate about wearing bright block colors, using her iconic clear plastic umbrella and applying bright lipstick so that she can see and be seen!

Queen Elizabeth follows the rule of understated makeup. Her flawless skin doesn’t need to be plastered in foundation. In general, she favours pinky/warm tones in lipstick and colour cosmetics.

She never wears heavy eye makeup as her eyelashes and brows are naturally dark and well shaped enough so as to complement and accentuate one of her most attractive feature – her blue eyes.

Over and above the fashion and makeup of Queen Elizabeth, her youthful appearance is largely due to these other important factors, which we must never forget in our mission to age as gracefully as great lady herself:




  • Her genes
  • Regular exercise
  • Health diet
  • Regular medical screenings
  • Staying mentally sharp
  • Managing stress
  • and trying new things!

We all age differently and have our own independent style and looks we feel comfortable with.  Some of us are still hanging on to makeup and hair from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and should, without a doubt, get professional help as a good, modern hair style itself and take years off you and getting your hair colour right, in that it actually suits your natural skin tone, can change you from looking “ill” or “odd” to looking “well”.

What we also know is that good makeup (and we are talking also “no makeup makeup”) not only makes you feel great, but can make you look younger, more alive and on good form.

daily mail feelunique


Don’t assume that you know what colours truly suit you best (clothes and makeup) as we really believe it is worth the investment of professional help – whether it be in the form of a colour specialist, a hair pro or makeup artists who really know their stuff.  We speak from experience with all three, but the most enlightening was the clothes colour consultation – our wardrobes now only include the right colours now, but we find clothes shopping is so much easier!  We don’t waste money either on items just because they were a bargain or a brand name – if they are not our colour, we don’t buy (except the odd pair of shoes)!

It might be that you are nearly right with your colours and so a little help would be just enhance your current look.  Or, it might be that you are way off and wearing that baby, sugary pink “because I like it” when in fact, it is is making you look washed out because you are an autumn colour and those sugary baby colours are just not on your colour chart.

cos clown


Simple things such as switching that hard black inner eyeliner (a look The Duchess of Cambridge is still hanging onto from uni days) to a brown/grey shade softly blended to half way under the bottom lash, will open the eye and make your eyes look bigger and brighter. So it’s not just colours, but how makeup is applied that can make you look like a clown (right) or someone who just looks amazing.



Clowning Makeup Colour Technique Done Right (photo:urbanpost.it)









We all love trying out new things and we also know how easy it is at the beauty counter to be “persuaded” by the sales assistant to buy after trying new collections, but be careful as you might end up with a collection of colours from lipstick to foundation that should go the school or local amateur dramatics dressing up box!

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx






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