Spring Clean Your Makeup!

It’s got to that time of the year where we’re out with the old in with the new, rejuvenated, updated, cleansed and – our personal favourite – with a CLEANED up life.

Being ladies in the modern world, daily health, beauty and makeup can take up our precious time, so adding something extra to that daily routine, is just not going to fly!

If we are all truly honest and delved into our makeup bags and beauty boxes, we would find a leaking pot of glooping glitter, an old smashed bronzing powder, old crusty liquid eyeliner and dried up mascara, dirty makeup brushes and most definitely, outdated products!

dirty mubag

Antibac Action2 Jan2016Antibac Action3 Jan2016Antibac Action1 Jan2016

We know it all needs a good old fashioned sort out and “spring clean”. Not only is this necessary to bringing back a little routine and sanity to the morning mirror fix, but also to prevent some nasty infections and skin conditions that are often unknowingly caused by old, dirty or infected makeup products and tools.
PMUS eye with stye infection

Those swollen lids and puffy bags in the morning could be down to an irritating mascara product – or, worse – a contaminated mascara wand. And sharing lip gloss and lipstick can give you the life long Herpes cold sore virus – yuk!

iStock_000016788918Small[1]Those bumps on your cheeks that just won’t go away could be caused by your unclean makeup brush. If you aren’t cleaning your brushes regularly (and we mean once a week for normal gals and guys and between every client as a pro MUA), then the bacteria will just be going straight back onto the brush and back on to your face and into the product with every use too.

MBC Spraying Action 2 Jan2016

Basically, over and above the inconvenience of ending up with an unintentional grey or glittery face, keeping your makeup products and tools clean will help prevent bacterial infections with unsightly consequences.

So this coming May Day bank holiday weekend, find some time to organise, clean and de-clutter your makeup collection.

The Pro Hygiene Collection® (as you all know) is the brand that has a product to sanitize and keep clean all your makeup, brushes, tools and accessories (as well as your hands!).

For this coming weekend only, we are offering on our new web site our “Discovery Kit” which comprises 100ml each of our hero products at HALF PRICE, but only at www.theprohygienecollection.comclick here.


The Pro Hygiene Collection Discovery Kit, 50% off

The offer runs from Friday 28 April until Friday 5th May, so buy now and follow our “Clean Is Beautiful” weekend spring clean guide below
inconsiderate woman found  thing in purse
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASTEP 1: Empty the contents of your makeup bag and clean the inside and outside of the makeup bag.
To do this: once empty, place your makeup bag in a sink of warm/hot water and give it a rinse to remove any loose product. Then scrub with a small new nail brush both the inside and outside of your makeup bag with The Pro Hygiene Collection® Makeup Brush and Sponge Sanitizing Wash and rinse well with warm water until sparkling clean. Allow to dry.PAO_symbol

STEP 2: Meanwhile… check the POA dates on your makeup products and chuck everything out of date or that looks worse for wear. Remove any loose powder, check for any broken and cracked seals/lids.

STEP 3: Be realistic with what you keep. Less is more in terms of makeup on the face and makeup in the makeup bag! If there’s a purple eye-shadow in there that you really never wear, then be gone with that too. Trust us, there is nothing more satisfying than a minimal makeup collection when it comes to bag contents. We all want to small, neat and clean makeup bag in our handbags!

brush cleanerOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASTEP 4Clean your makeup brushes, sponges and puffs – for a quick fix you can spray The Pro Hygiene Collection® Makeup Brush Cleaner (photo on the right) onto your brushes before wiping the brush clean onto a tissue.

But seeing as we’re going all out with the “spring cleaning”, it’s time to give them a thorough deep clean and that means putting all your brushes, sponges and puffs into the sink and wetting with warm water before applying a 10 pence piece amount of The Pro Hygiene Collection® Makeup Brush and Sponge Sanitizing Wash to each, working into a gentle lather for a really good clean. Then rinse under running warm water until clean of suds. Repeat until squeaky clean. Make sure to leave cleaned makeup brushes flat with the brush head over the edge of a surface to allow air to circulate whilst drying – see photo below. And, NEVER, EVER LEAVE MAKEUP BRUSHES IN WATER TO SOAK.  This damages the glue that all brushes are made with and sits in the feral (the bit between the handle and brush).  Ever wondered why your makeup brushes suddenly shed their hairs!  One sure way to destroy brushes which can, as we all know, be very expensive.

TPHC MBSW action8 full hang1
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASTEP 5: Spray The Pro Hygiene Collection® Antibacterial Makeup Spray onto your makeup tools (pencil sharpers, eyelash curlers, metal spatulas, mixing palettes, tweezers, you name it), wait for just over a minute and wipe the remaining spray residue from each tool using a clean tissue.



The Pro Hygiene Collection Discovery Kit 50% off

Enjoy the long weekend (for those who are getting the time off work) and BUY at half price your Discovery Kit – no excuses at that price!

Oh, and P.S. – you will notice that we have over 50 new products on our new web site – so shop around – more news next week and some special launch offers.

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx


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