Clean Is Beautiful – over 50 new items added to our web site – FREE gift with every purchase in May

BREAKING NEWS – TPHC HQ has just added over 50 new lines to our new web shop from pro brushes to basic beauty essentials such as blender and economy-style makeup sponges, cushioned eyelash curlers, sample jars and much, much more.

So it’s time to click and visit our new website and for every new customer in May,  we are giving away one FREE professional blusher brush worth £10.00.  Take a look here at the FREE pro makeup brush.  (One per order chaps and chapesses though!)

TPHC web site

So it’s great news for industry insiders, students, educators as well as guys and girls who just love getting their hands on fabulous professional, quality, affordable professional makeup tools and accessories.

The Pro Hygiene Collection® is the heart of our business and comprises our best selling Makeup Brush Cleaner, Makeup Brush & Sponge Sanitizing Wash, Hand


The Pro Hygiene Collection

Sanitizing Gel, the magic Antibacterial Makeup Spray and our amazing, All In One Makeup Remover.

TPHC Tools collection ful2

TPHC makeup disposables

Our new tools and accessories range includes new and exclusive single-use and disposable mascara wands, brushes and applicators for eyes, lips and the face that target the concerns of professional makeup artists, their clients and consumers regarding bacteria, infection and cross-contamination, but because of our products’ quality, you can still achieve the latest looks in fashion and beauty.

TPHC mascara wands 4 full

13 difference disposable mascara wands by The Pro Hygiene Collection

Disposable Mascara Wands
13 different disposable mascara wands and loads of disposable makeup applicators.

So if you are looking for an extensive choice of disposable mascara wands – then look no further. Our collection of disposable mascara wands gives you or your clients 13 fantastic, gorgeous lash looks without risking infection such as conjunctivitis from “double-dipping” which leads to contamination of the mascara product. Keep a look out, as there are more shapes and sizes coming soon.

Maintaining proper hygiene during makeovers at the beauty counter is critical and brands can be sure that we will have a disposable mascara wand to replicate own brand wands since we know for good mascara testing, mascara brands require special brush heads for application that match their individual brush heads.

For makeup lovers, our collection of disposable mascara wands saves you money too – choose your favourite mascara product and use our amazing range of wands to get the most out of your product.

Disposable Makeup Applicators
Our carefully created core range of disposable makeup applicators caters for big beauty brands through to student MUA’s.  We have disposables that do all the jobs your pro

TPHC Tools collection ful3

TPHC disposable makeup applicators

brushes are designed for.  Quality, professional, affordable – that’s what we like and we are sure you will like our goodies too.

Hygiene Essentials
We have a fabulous collection of those essential hygiene items from cotton wool, to makeover capes (and every thing in between) – items every makeup pro, student and beauty professional should have in their kit.

A great “sealed” large/small pencil sharpener so you don’t cross-contaminate and get wax all over your makeup bag, precision mini point cotton

16098 collaspisble lantern bin 2

Pop up lantern bin/brush holder

buds for fine eye makeup application/cleanup and perfect pouts, disposable headbands for keeping hair out of the face and mixing wells and dishes. A “must have” brilliant space saving bin to pop all those disposables and q-tips in after use!

Tools & Accessories
Fantastic kit bags for pro makeup artists or your own handbag – brilliant for travel; a great selection of plastic bottles for decanting and staying hygiene friendly (keep your antibacterial hand

homepage web banner2

TPHC makeup tools and accessories

wash handy in one or use for travel), a range of jars, makeup sponges, a handy hand held mirror and great education tools including colour wheels, face charts, tweezers and eyelash curlers.

Bespoke Student Kits for Your School/College
We work with many schools and colleges, so if you are an educator, studio manager or a buyer, then talk to us as we can put together a kit for your courses and your students ensuring a value package. Students can buy online or we can provide the kits to you at college.  Just let us know what you need.  Email us at

Value Kits & Must Have Products
We know (having been there ourselves), how expensive building a makeup and beauty

16170 web 2

TPHC essential disposables kits

16174 deluxe pro artist kit full2

TPHC pro and student makeup artist kits

kit is and when you start out, it seems you have to have EVERYTHING!  The outlay can be very expensive.  We have put together with our knowledge and experience and with the input of our industry friends and experts, a number of kits ranging from the essential disposable applicator kit all the way through to an extensive, well thought through deluxe kit that includes a

16093 colour wheel 3 (2)

Artist’s colour wheel

colour wheel and even makeup design face charts.  You SAVE 20% on each of the kits, so take a look here and start building a “Clean Is Beautiful” kit or replace some of those yucky brushes and tools that are well past their sell by date.

Value for Money
Value for money is important to us here at TPHC HQ, so our products follow our mission of providing “quality, professional, affordable” products  to support our “Clean Is Beautiful” campaign. 

“Clean is Beautiful” is our watchword, so keep your eyes peeled for more news on this soon.

Useful Tips & How To Use Guide
There is a host of useful information about staying clean and beautiful on our web site

TPHC how to 3full

Useful information and guides

and with every order, clients receive a handy “how to use guide” along with answers to regularly asked questions.  There are also some short demo videos demoing the product range – take a look by clicking here.

So visit us at to discover our new goodies and remember with every individual order in May (one per person), you will receive FREE our lovely professional blusher brush.  Limited stocks, so shop for your free pro brush now.

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx





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