Hot, Hot, Hot! Our Tips For Keeping Cool

By the time you read this, the summer heatwave here in the UK (and especially in London where we are feeling it a little more), will be over!  But just in case, summer does return, a few top tips for staying cool.hapholdelet

Wear the right clothes
Natural fibres are critical as you skin can breath.  Ditch the synthetics.  Wear loose clothing.  If you work in an environment where smart business attire is the norm, your employer will be feeling the heat too, so ask for dress down.  We laughed yesterday as one guy in the city was told not to wear shorts, so came back in a dress!!

No plastic on your feet – just melts your tootsies, so keep those feet cool with sandals or cotton socks and leather.

Cool down points
Dip you hands up to your writs into cold water for an immediate cool down.  Same with feet.  An icepack wrapped in a tea towel around your neck is another great way of Vacation idea. Woman feet closeup. Beautiful pedicure.keeping cool.

We know these are not possible when in a work environment, but end of day, it is a good way to cool down.

We would all love to have air conditioning, but likely 99.99% of us do not. Have your fan on but here’s the trick – dampen down an top sheet with cold water (not so it’s dripping wet) and just before getting into bed, put the damp sheet over you (it will feel chilly at first), but you will be able to sleep especially if you have a fan. Your body heat will dry the sheet by morning but with these very hot night temperatures, you might have to dampen the sheet again during the night.  Tried and tested in the heat of the African bush!

Our furry friends
Please don’t forget your pets – from cold water (pop ice cubes into the bowls) to fans.  Our two long-haired furry mascots have a fan and are lying on on cold bathroom tiles.

Keep drinking water
We know you hear it all the time – keep hydrated – but in this heat, it truly is important.  Drink twice as much as you think you need.Couple staying hydrated

Keep eye on the elderly
If your neighbours are elderly, or living along, be a good neighbour and knock on the door and check they are OK. Remember, it could be your granny or great aunt.

Do not go outside in the midday sun
mother applying sunblock cream on daughter shoulderWe know that the sun is at its strongest midday, but mid-summer means high levels of UV all day, so stay out of the sunlight from 11am through to at least 4pm and wear high protection sun screen.  Don’t be fooled.  We know that it’s fab to get a few rays, but not at the expense of painful sunburn and sun damage.  It’s not worth it!

Stay cool.

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx



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