“This Girl Can” – Get Out Girls and Feel Amazing

We are sitting in TPHC HQ this morning and are saying what a gorgeous day and reflecting that we would all like to get out and play tennis again

Strawberries and Cream

Inspired to get out the tennis racket (yummy, lovely strawberries and cream too)

(Wimbledon inspiration of course) or rounders, but wondering where and how!

One of the team mentioned that the brilliant “This Girl Can” sports and fitness campaign that is running again and we have just looked up on You Tube.  You know, it really hits the mark brilliantly and we can all identify with those fun and fabulous women in the ad.  So onwards and upwards…… we have all made a decision that by the end of July, we will have done something new in the form of sport and exercise.  No excuses, even though we all know we secretly feel self-conscience!


The web site is full of ideas and inspiration and you can even create your own This
Girl Can poster (next job for the day)…..

We are lucky in that our office is very close to the River Thames and we have, for the past couple of years, spied paddle boarders out on gorgeous sunny weekends. There is even a sailing club literally up the river…… hmmm, might be wet, but fun!

Don’t be put of ladies by all the photoshopped images of perfect bodies and faces we are bombarded with daily.  We are real women and real woman can do! Or, as the ad says “This Girl Can”.  thisgirlcan

Watch out for our update…. if we can, you can too and we will share our story with you and on the campaign web site….. take look here at some current stories.

Go for it girls!

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx


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