Feeling A Bit Low? And Everyone Else Seems To Be Going on Holiday?

Sometimes, at this time of year, it can be quite challenging to be the ones left in the office over the summer holidays when everyone else seems to be on holiday, or is about to go away.

Work loads can increase and although the daily commute might be less stressful in terms of time, you can feel, well, just a bit low.

We’re all here over the summer holidays as we prefer to go away slightly off season and not when school is out, but we have decided to make a few summer office plans to keep us cheerful.

  1. ensure we take a lunch break and get out, even for half an hour in the sunshine (wearing our sun screen of course) and keeping hydrated


    Great Britain is amazing in the summer and we love our picnic treats – time for a summer TPHC clean too.

  2. bring in our flip flops to the office so our feet our not roasting hot
  3. treat ourselves to a nice manicure and pedicure (whey is it we can never paint our nails as well as someone else?

    Vacation idea. Woman feet closeup. Beautiful pedicure.

    Don’t be afraid to have a bit of summer fun with nail polish colours, after all it’s the only time of year our toes are on show!

  4. give ourselves a summer glow with our favourite fake tan after a jolly good body scrub
  5. enjoy the odd treat (we are loving Magnum Double Raspberry at the moment), and
  6. remember that summer if fleeting here in the UK, so enjoy every day as it comes, work or not, so we are endeavouring to get out and enjoy the enormous variety of entertainment and culture this great country has as well as spending a bit of time just relaxing in our gorgeous parks and gardens.emily1d


Love and kisses from

The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx



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