Clean Is Beautiful – over 50 new items added to our web site – FREE gift with every purchase in May

BREAKING NEWS – TPHC HQ has just added over 50 new lines to our new web shop from pro brushes to basic beauty essentials such as blender and economy-style makeup sponges, cushioned eyelash curlers, sample jars and much, much more.

So it’s time to click and visit our new website and for every new customer in May,  we are giving away one FREE professional blusher brush worth £10.00.  Take a look here at the FREE pro makeup brush.  (One per order chaps and chapesses though!)

TPHC web site

So it’s great news for industry insiders, students, educators as well as guys and girls who just love getting their hands on fabulous professional, quality, affordable professional makeup tools and accessories.

The Pro Hygiene Collection® is the heart of our business and comprises our best selling Makeup Brush Cleaner, Makeup Brush & Sponge Sanitizing Wash, Hand


The Pro Hygiene Collection

Sanitizing Gel, the magic Antibacterial Makeup Spray and our amazing, All In One Makeup Remover.

TPHC Tools collection ful2

TPHC makeup disposables

Our new tools and accessories range includes new and exclusive single-use and disposable mascara wands, brushes and applicators for eyes, lips and the face that target the concerns of professional makeup artists, their clients and consumers regarding bacteria, infection and cross-contamination, but because of our products’ quality, you can still achieve the latest looks in fashion and beauty.

TPHC mascara wands 4 full

13 difference disposable mascara wands by The Pro Hygiene Collection

Disposable Mascara Wands
13 different disposable mascara wands and loads of disposable makeup applicators.

So if you are looking for an extensive choice of disposable mascara wands – then look no further. Our collection of disposable mascara wands gives you or your clients 13 fantastic, gorgeous lash looks without risking infection such as conjunctivitis from “double-dipping” which leads to contamination of the mascara product. Keep a look out, as there are more shapes and sizes coming soon.

Maintaining proper hygiene during makeovers at the beauty counter is critical and brands can be sure that we will have a disposable mascara wand to replicate own brand wands since we know for good mascara testing, mascara brands require special brush heads for application that match their individual brush heads.

For makeup lovers, our collection of disposable mascara wands saves you money too – choose your favourite mascara product and use our amazing range of wands to get the most out of your product.

Disposable Makeup Applicators
Our carefully created core range of disposable makeup applicators caters for big beauty brands through to student MUA’s.  We have disposables that do all the jobs your pro

TPHC Tools collection ful3

TPHC disposable makeup applicators

brushes are designed for.  Quality, professional, affordable – that’s what we like and we are sure you will like our goodies too.

Hygiene Essentials
We have a fabulous collection of those essential hygiene items from cotton wool, to makeover capes (and every thing in between) – items every makeup pro, student and beauty professional should have in their kit.

A great “sealed” large/small pencil sharpener so you don’t cross-contaminate and get wax all over your makeup bag, precision mini point cotton

16098 collaspisble lantern bin 2

Pop up lantern bin/brush holder

buds for fine eye makeup application/cleanup and perfect pouts, disposable headbands for keeping hair out of the face and mixing wells and dishes. A “must have” brilliant space saving bin to pop all those disposables and q-tips in after use!

Tools & Accessories
Fantastic kit bags for pro makeup artists or your own handbag – brilliant for travel; a great selection of plastic bottles for decanting and staying hygiene friendly (keep your antibacterial hand

homepage web banner2

TPHC makeup tools and accessories

wash handy in one or use for travel), a range of jars, makeup sponges, a handy hand held mirror and great education tools including colour wheels, face charts, tweezers and eyelash curlers.

Bespoke Student Kits for Your School/College
We work with many schools and colleges, so if you are an educator, studio manager or a buyer, then talk to us as we can put together a kit for your courses and your students ensuring a value package. Students can buy online or we can provide the kits to you at college.  Just let us know what you need.  Email us at

Value Kits & Must Have Products
We know (having been there ourselves), how expensive building a makeup and beauty

16170 web 2

TPHC essential disposables kits

16174 deluxe pro artist kit full2

TPHC pro and student makeup artist kits

kit is and when you start out, it seems you have to have EVERYTHING!  The outlay can be very expensive.  We have put together with our knowledge and experience and with the input of our industry friends and experts, a number of kits ranging from the essential disposable applicator kit all the way through to an extensive, well thought through deluxe kit that includes a

16093 colour wheel 3 (2)

Artist’s colour wheel

colour wheel and even makeup design face charts.  You SAVE 20% on each of the kits, so take a look here and start building a “Clean Is Beautiful” kit or replace some of those yucky brushes and tools that are well past their sell by date.

Value for Money
Value for money is important to us here at TPHC HQ, so our products follow our mission of providing “quality, professional, affordable” products  to support our “Clean Is Beautiful” campaign. 

“Clean is Beautiful” is our watchword, so keep your eyes peeled for more news on this soon.

Useful Tips & How To Use Guide
There is a host of useful information about staying clean and beautiful on our web site

TPHC how to 3full

Useful information and guides

and with every order, clients receive a handy “how to use guide” along with answers to regularly asked questions.  There are also some short demo videos demoing the product range – take a look by clicking here.

So visit us at to discover our new goodies and remember with every individual order in May (one per person), you will receive FREE our lovely professional blusher brush.  Limited stocks, so shop for your free pro brush now.

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx





Spring Clean Your Makeup!

It’s got to that time of the year where we’re out with the old in with the new, rejuvenated, updated, cleansed and – our personal favourite – with a CLEANED up life.

Being ladies in the modern world, daily health, beauty and makeup can take up our precious time, so adding something extra to that daily routine, is just not going to fly!

If we are all truly honest and delved into our makeup bags and beauty boxes, we would find a leaking pot of glooping glitter, an old smashed bronzing powder, old crusty liquid eyeliner and dried up mascara, dirty makeup brushes and most definitely, outdated products!

dirty mubag

Antibac Action2 Jan2016Antibac Action3 Jan2016Antibac Action1 Jan2016

We know it all needs a good old fashioned sort out and “spring clean”. Not only is this necessary to bringing back a little routine and sanity to the morning mirror fix, but also to prevent some nasty infections and skin conditions that are often unknowingly caused by old, dirty or infected makeup products and tools.
PMUS eye with stye infection

Those swollen lids and puffy bags in the morning could be down to an irritating mascara product – or, worse – a contaminated mascara wand. And sharing lip gloss and lipstick can give you the life long Herpes cold sore virus – yuk!

iStock_000016788918Small[1]Those bumps on your cheeks that just won’t go away could be caused by your unclean makeup brush. If you aren’t cleaning your brushes regularly (and we mean once a week for normal gals and guys and between every client as a pro MUA), then the bacteria will just be going straight back onto the brush and back on to your face and into the product with every use too.

MBC Spraying Action 2 Jan2016

Basically, over and above the inconvenience of ending up with an unintentional grey or glittery face, keeping your makeup products and tools clean will help prevent bacterial infections with unsightly consequences.

So this coming May Day bank holiday weekend, find some time to organise, clean and de-clutter your makeup collection.

The Pro Hygiene Collection® (as you all know) is the brand that has a product to sanitize and keep clean all your makeup, brushes, tools and accessories (as well as your hands!).

For this coming weekend only, we are offering on our new web site our “Discovery Kit” which comprises 100ml each of our hero products at HALF PRICE, but only at www.theprohygienecollection.comclick here.


The Pro Hygiene Collection Discovery Kit, 50% off

The offer runs from Friday 28 April until Friday 5th May, so buy now and follow our “Clean Is Beautiful” weekend spring clean guide below
inconsiderate woman found  thing in purse
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASTEP 1: Empty the contents of your makeup bag and clean the inside and outside of the makeup bag.
To do this: once empty, place your makeup bag in a sink of warm/hot water and give it a rinse to remove any loose product. Then scrub with a small new nail brush both the inside and outside of your makeup bag with The Pro Hygiene Collection® Makeup Brush and Sponge Sanitizing Wash and rinse well with warm water until sparkling clean. Allow to dry.PAO_symbol

STEP 2: Meanwhile… check the POA dates on your makeup products and chuck everything out of date or that looks worse for wear. Remove any loose powder, check for any broken and cracked seals/lids.

STEP 3: Be realistic with what you keep. Less is more in terms of makeup on the face and makeup in the makeup bag! If there’s a purple eye-shadow in there that you really never wear, then be gone with that too. Trust us, there is nothing more satisfying than a minimal makeup collection when it comes to bag contents. We all want to small, neat and clean makeup bag in our handbags!

brush cleanerOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASTEP 4Clean your makeup brushes, sponges and puffs – for a quick fix you can spray The Pro Hygiene Collection® Makeup Brush Cleaner (photo on the right) onto your brushes before wiping the brush clean onto a tissue.

But seeing as we’re going all out with the “spring cleaning”, it’s time to give them a thorough deep clean and that means putting all your brushes, sponges and puffs into the sink and wetting with warm water before applying a 10 pence piece amount of The Pro Hygiene Collection® Makeup Brush and Sponge Sanitizing Wash to each, working into a gentle lather for a really good clean. Then rinse under running warm water until clean of suds. Repeat until squeaky clean. Make sure to leave cleaned makeup brushes flat with the brush head over the edge of a surface to allow air to circulate whilst drying – see photo below. And, NEVER, EVER LEAVE MAKEUP BRUSHES IN WATER TO SOAK.  This damages the glue that all brushes are made with and sits in the feral (the bit between the handle and brush).  Ever wondered why your makeup brushes suddenly shed their hairs!  One sure way to destroy brushes which can, as we all know, be very expensive.

TPHC MBSW action8 full hang1
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASTEP 5: Spray The Pro Hygiene Collection® Antibacterial Makeup Spray onto your makeup tools (pencil sharpers, eyelash curlers, metal spatulas, mixing palettes, tweezers, you name it), wait for just over a minute and wipe the remaining spray residue from each tool using a clean tissue.



The Pro Hygiene Collection Discovery Kit 50% off

Enjoy the long weekend (for those who are getting the time off work) and BUY at half price your Discovery Kit – no excuses at that price!

Oh, and P.S. – you will notice that we have over 50 new products on our new web site – so shop around – more news next week and some special launch offers.

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx

Looking Good at All Ages – The Queen – A Shining Example


(photo: Will Johnston Photography)

Her Majesty the Queen turned 91 years old last week and still looks amazing. She is a shining example of someone working style, colour and makeup for their age.  How does she do it so gracefully and elegantly and moreover, how does she not look a day over 70?

In a previous blog, we spoke about the importance of getting your colours right when it comes to dressing (whatever age you are).

The Queen has been a long-standing fan of French beauty brand Clarins, dating back to her Coronation in 1952. She even commissioned the company to create her very own shade of lippy to complement the colour of her glamorous white satin Coronation gown.

Although Clarins will not comment on which shade the queen uses exactly (quite rightly), it is well known in royal circles that Queen Elizabeth has always favoured red or deep rose shades of lipstick since she became Queen more than 60 years ago.

Queen Elizabeth

Her Majesty with Ruby Red Lips (photo: David Bailey,

Not only does ruby red photograph well, but we all know that the Queen is very considerate about wearing bright block colors, using her iconic clear plastic umbrella and applying bright lipstick so that she can see and be seen!

Queen Elizabeth follows the rule of understated makeup. Her flawless skin doesn’t need to be plastered in foundation. In general, she favours pinky/warm tones in lipstick and colour cosmetics.

She never wears heavy eye makeup as her eyelashes and brows are naturally dark and well shaped enough so as to complement and accentuate one of her most attractive feature – her blue eyes.

Over and above the fashion and makeup of Queen Elizabeth, her youthful appearance is largely due to these other important factors, which we must never forget in our mission to age as gracefully as great lady herself:




  • Her genes
  • Regular exercise
  • Health diet
  • Regular medical screenings
  • Staying mentally sharp
  • Managing stress
  • and trying new things!

We all age differently and have our own independent style and looks we feel comfortable with.  Some of us are still hanging on to makeup and hair from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and should, without a doubt, get professional help as a good, modern hair style itself and take years off you and getting your hair colour right, in that it actually suits your natural skin tone, can change you from looking “ill” or “odd” to looking “well”.

What we also know is that good makeup (and we are talking also “no makeup makeup”) not only makes you feel great, but can make you look younger, more alive and on good form.

daily mail feelunique


Don’t assume that you know what colours truly suit you best (clothes and makeup) as we really believe it is worth the investment of professional help – whether it be in the form of a colour specialist, a hair pro or makeup artists who really know their stuff.  We speak from experience with all three, but the most enlightening was the clothes colour consultation – our wardrobes now only include the right colours now, but we find clothes shopping is so much easier!  We don’t waste money either on items just because they were a bargain or a brand name – if they are not our colour, we don’t buy (except the odd pair of shoes)!

It might be that you are nearly right with your colours and so a little help would be just enhance your current look.  Or, it might be that you are way off and wearing that baby, sugary pink “because I like it” when in fact, it is is making you look washed out because you are an autumn colour and those sugary baby colours are just not on your colour chart.

cos clown


Simple things such as switching that hard black inner eyeliner (a look The Duchess of Cambridge is still hanging onto from uni days) to a brown/grey shade softly blended to half way under the bottom lash, will open the eye and make your eyes look bigger and brighter. So it’s not just colours, but how makeup is applied that can make you look like a clown (right) or someone who just looks amazing.



Clowning Makeup Colour Technique Done Right (









We all love trying out new things and we also know how easy it is at the beauty counter to be “persuaded” by the sales assistant to buy after trying new collections, but be careful as you might end up with a collection of colours from lipstick to foundation that should go the school or local amateur dramatics dressing up box!

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx





World Physical Activity Day

Now that spring is here and the sun is out (at least here in London today), there is absolutely no excuse not to exercise and especially in the great outdoors.

out door activityEven switching from your bedroom floor to your roof terrace or garden to do your 50-a-day squat challenge or morning sit-ups could have beneficial effects


Here are some benefits to exercising outside:

1. Vitamin D
It’s no new news that the vitamin D we get from sunbeams is beneficial to our health – helping with depression and low moods. This is because when you’re out in the sun, your body naturally releases endorphins – making you happier, thus healthier!

2. Mental stimulation
Doing your workouts indoors can be dull and incredibly boring – especially after the long winter.  Heading outside can give your brain stimulation and give your mind a workout too. Just being outdoors and hopefully surrounded by some sort of nature, can give you a healthy mood boost and help combat anxiety and stress. Bonus points if you take your shoes off to feel the grass on your feet.

3. Work new muscles and avoid getting bored
Although it is said gym machines replicate real activities and use the same muscle groups, isn’t it nicer to go for a run in the park on a sunny day, rather than running on a boring treadmill?  By varying your training with outdoor workouts, you are using the same muscles but with more variety. In other words, a better work out as it’s not predictable.  Being outside means different terrain and obstacles as you hit hills and different surfaces (think grade, mud, concrete, gravel). Muscles and limbs will have to work differently as compared to using the gym equipment. Isn’t that more fun than the cross trainer in front of the TV?

4.  If all the above fails – let’s face it – it’s a lot cheaper than the gym!
Cancelling your gym membership for just six months of the year can save you money (hundreds of pounds if you are flashy) especially if you are not using your membership three/four times a week to make it cost effective. And if you don’t feel that you are self-motivated enough to get out and exercise on your own, there are running clubs, military style fitness classes and endless fitness apps to set you up and keep you going. Here are our top picks:

FitStar Personal Trainer

If you are still in the early stages and struggle any activity at all, download Pokémon GO! This is a great alternative for Candy Crush or X-box addicts as it allows them to be stuck to their gadgets and sucked into a virtual reality, whilst forcing them outdoors, as to progress and collect Pokemon, you actually have to get outside and find them!

If you’re a Londoner, look at TimeOut London’s best Outdoor exercise classes in London for outdoor exercise inspiration with their best rated al fresco fitness classes.

Whatever age and lifestyle you lead, there is NO excuse not to do any exercise and since spring has finally spring, get out and just enjoy the day – even a walk at lunch for half and hour instead of sitting with your lunch at your desk is a big step forward and you will feel great mentally and physically.

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx


Does Your Mum Envy Your Makeup Skills? Treat Her With Bare Minerals’ Easy-To-Use Glowing Kit in our Mother’s Day Giveaway

Give mum the ultimate Spring glow with Bare Minerals’ Let It Glow Essential Makeup Collection PLUS your very own pro Kabuki brush and The Pro Hygiene Collection® Makeup Brush & Sponge Sanitizing Wash.

Teach mum some makeup skills made simple with this nifty kit from our friends and lovers of The Pro Hygiene Collection® – Bare Minerals 😘

Bare Minerals’ radiant 4-piece collection for eyes, face and lips includes, Illuminating Mineral Veil® Finishing Powder, Well-Rested® Face & Eye Brightener, Floret Blush and Marvelous Moxie® Lipgloss (image below).

let it glow

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Good luck!

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx

Do you know what colours REALLY suit you? Or are you just a slave to what you “like”?

Isn’t it funny how it’s always when you’re wearing certain clothes, that people tell you how great you look? Well, not THAT funny, as it is highly likely that the colour or colours you are wearing complement your skin tone and hair giving an overall look of fabulousness!



For many of us, understanding what colours truly complement our skin tone and hair, and how much better the right colours can make us look and feel, is something we probably know a bit about, but never really put into practice.  Knowing what tone you are and what really suits you can be a great advantage as it can also save you money. How many foundations and lipsticks have you bought that are the wrong colour and tone? And what about those clothes hanging in the wardrobe that you bought because they were such a bargain and were so “on trend”?

Having had our “colours” done both for clothing and makeup (the latter of course being our bread and butter), we know it really works and anyone who says it’s rubbish, take a leaf out of our book, we were honestly surprised and would recommend it to anyone. We have saved ourselves pointless trips to the changing room by narrowing our selection in the shops, and can shop online so much more effectively now.  There are the odd occasions when a pair of shoes just has to be had, as you can get away with the wrong colour on your feet, whereas wearing the wrong lipstick just makes you look weird, ill, or colour-blind!

As we said, it’s not just what  colours clothes-wise, but the same principle applies for your makeup.  Of course, we are talking day to day and not the highly creative looks we see on catwalks and fashion pages.

Matching skin-tone accurately is, without doubt, the most important skill for every makeup professional (and boy do we see many mistakes out there), so before you go shopping for new products, it is worth understanding your own skin colour/tone.  Are you warm, yellow-based, olive, ivory… cool?



With such a huge range of products on the market, let alone colours, getting the right match can be somewhat overwhelming and it is so easy to just go with what the beauty assistant recommends …… and then you get home and look yellow!  We have all made those expensive mistakes and thrown away product after product after product.

Answering the simple question of whether your undertones are pink-based or yellow-based is crucial for determining a perfect skin colour-match. Kim Kardashian might well be your makeup icon but applying  a yellow-based foundation to your rosy complexion against your blonde hair might make you just look like a five year old playing dressing up! Here are some easy guidelines…..



Firstly, to make things easy – take POPSUGAR’s quiz to see if your undertones are cool or warm. Or, if you can afford, book a professional makeup lesson with a teaching school tutor – it will be worth every penny!

Working out what colour “season” you are can help no end when it comes to selecting colours for both clothes and makeup.  This is a little harder to do on your own (again, we would recommend an appointment with a colour specialist) to help you determine if you are spring, summer, autumn or winter.

The colour palletes for each season below are a guideline of what you’ll be advised to wear depending on your season. However, if you’re a spring but you like your dark slimming colours, then a specialist can help you find darker colours that still complement you – just perhaps not 100%!



Colours in the spring palette are warm, bright, fresh and light.

Usually, you have cool undertones if you are a spring.

You receive compliments in bright shades: turquoise, watermelon, salmon.

You might have a low contrast between your hair, skin and eye colours OR you might have dark hair, pale skin but with clear (perhaps piercing) eyes.

Think dark to medium brown to coppery red, strawberry, deep golden to light blonde hair. If you suit spring colours but you have dark hair, then it most likely has golden or reddish highlights.




Colours in the summer palette are gentle, soft, cool and calm.

If you have light colour characteristics e.g. light/cool/soft, then you might be a summer.

If you suit summer colours, you might notice that there isn’t a huge contrast between your hair and eye colour. Conversely, you might have cool (diffused) deep hair, eye color and light skin:
Think Kate Moss vs. Angelina Jolie.

An overall ashy colouring to you, whether you are dark or light skinned, often calls for a summer pallete – think soft and cool like slate, blue, grey.



Colours in the autumn palette are deep, warm, natural and earthy.

If your colour characteristics are warm, deep and muted then these are the colors for you.

Autumns often have strawberry blonde, chestnut brown or rich red hair and peachy, warm skin.

Deep earthy eye colours like black-brown, deep to medium brown, bright brown, deep green, light to dark hazel, dark blue, mixed blue and green eyes (some gray or/and yellow in them) suit an autumn pallete.

If you get lots of compliments when wearing browns, khakis, golds, then chances are that you are an autumn.




Colours in the winter palette are cool, bold, vibrant and intense.

If you receive compliments in bold shades, black white, red and jewel tones – you are probably a winter.

The winter palette is made up of three colour families – cool, deep and bright.

You will always have a blue undertone to your skin and strong clarity to your coloring, i.e. high contrast.


Wherever you are, you’ll be able to find a colourist who might well just change your life. House of Colour have loads of specialists all around the UK. Just type in your postcode on their Stylist Directory to find one near you.


Clowning (

In our next blog we talk about colour-matching for skin and how colour theory works to help bring out your best features.  There IS science behind it.  And if you’ve ever wondered why there is green concealer, or what ‘clowning’ is (image on the right) then read our next blog.

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx


Advice for Pro MUAs & Beauty Professionals at Trade Shows and Fashion Shows

IMATS 2015 Bobbi Brown resizedWe are looking forward to visiting this year’s Professional Beauty show at London’s Excel on Sunday 26th and Monday 27th February 2017 to catch up with friends, enjoy the competitions, find out what’s new and exciting and, of course, promote The Pro Hygiene Collection®.

Thinking about the show, it’s a good chance to remind everyone whether exhibiting or visiting to think “safe beauty” – after all, we believe in “Clean is Beautiful”.

Looking out for the health and safety of your clients is an essential part of being a makeup artist and beauty professional. And, that means making sure products, brushes, tools, accessories and hands are kept as clean and sanitized while practising proficient, hygienic and professional makeup application and beauty treatments.

Live demo’s at trade shows are certainly no exception, and whilst they are the perfect time to show off your professional skills and products, it is even more important to demonstrate your 360 degree hygienic beauty practice – makeup, nails, beauty treatments, even when just demonstrating new makeup brushes and spray tans!

Here our quick top ten tips:

  • First impressions count
    A dirty kit = dirty makeup artist/counter/beauty therapist/treatment room. Making sure basic equipment is clean and 100% sanitized will go a long way to setting the right tone for your work.
  • Hygiene ritual – wipe in/wipe out
    Sanitize, clean and wipe all tools and products. Do this in front of your client to make sure they KNOW you are hygienic and recognise the importance of their health and safety and, of course use The Pro Hygiene Collection®.
    Two hands open in prayer
  • Hands up!
    Did you sanitize your hands first? 80% of germs are transferred by hands, so don’t compromise your clean kit and tools by simply not sanitizing your hands.
  • no-double-dippingIf in doubt… sample that out!
    Always decant products into clean palettes, tissues or onto clean hands. This means you will not be tempted to “double dip” back in to the original products.
  • synthetic-makeup-brush-fullPro brushes and applicators
    Never blow onto brushes and applicators – gently tap away any excess product instead. Always clean brushes between clients and at the end of every day. Use The Pro Hygiene Collection®.
  • Wave a clean wand or applicatordelete-cut-wand
    Cut off your mascara wand/lip and eyeliner applicators upon purchase to remind you not to contaminate through double dipping. Use a disposable.
  • use-disposable-mascara-wandsMono dipping moment
    No double dipping! “Double dipping” means reloading the same mascara wand or makeup applicator by dipping it into the tube of product more than once and results in cross-contamination of both products and customers. Mono dip instead.
  • Sharpen, sketch and sharpen sharpen-eyeliner-pencils
    Sanitize makeup pencils by sharpening them between clients and clean your sharpener each time too.
  • pmus_applying_foundation_fullLeave out the latex
    Use latex-free sponges to avoid subjecting clients to potential allergic reactions.
  • Looks count
    If it doesn’t look/smell right, don’t use it. Respect the shelf life of your products.
  • Ensure you’re insured

Don’t underestimate the importance of insurance.  And it’s not just public liability that’s important.  Make sure you’re covered for kit, money and legal too.  Professional Beauty have a great range of insurance programmes, so there’s no excuse.
Just follow the link for beauty insurance options.

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx